Morja is now


click picture bellow or this link to go to battle.netZiná
After Mist of Pandarian released she was transfered to the server Emerald Dream.

The name Morja was already taken so since my  other characters that already was on Emerald Dream had theyre name ending with Zina.I was thinking about having the main character on Emerald Dream called Zina,but sadly that was also taken so I ended up with a good looking a in the end instead.

 She is now in the guild called Broken Eclipse and have been in there since she transfered over.

Morja is a holy/protection paladin lvl 90.

After the duelspecc was introdused to wow she was holy pvp/pve.

But after Cataclysm released she got the holy/retribution specc again
I level her up as retribution but the day she turned 70 she became a healer.
From lvl 6 she was a guildmember of The Dark Legion.it was a good guild to be inBut it was also some ups and downs as other guildsHer “sister” Alvilde become friends to a lady called Wred when she level up in Hellfire.
After some months Morja also got to new this girl.
still it took some weeks before Surly,Wreds other character was introduced
Morja became a healer that was getting whisper from Surly now and then to heal while she was tanking in some instances.
in one of this instances Surly told her that she was a he.
One day when Morja had been in Karazhan with Surly and his guildmates,he said to her
“if u wanna join the guild just tell me”The day past by and I really didnt know what to do
I spoke to one of the guildmembers in The Dark Legion about it and with an old guildmember
But none of them could give me an answere.
“Just follow your heart”
“It´s your decision”
That didn´t help much
But the day after I made up my decision

I gotta admit that I had a broken heart when I left my guildies to Join MEAN.
The Dark Legion had always been there for me and we have had some cool events together as well.
But Dark Legion was silent and nothing happened anymore so I thaugh
” I need someone that I can grow further up with…not just stop here”
So I left…
It was a hard decision to make.
At lvl 83 I specced protection instead of retribution since it was so hard to do some dragonmaw-daily quests to get the tanking boots.
I´m still working with tanking gear and holy gear but Morja is not my priority as she was before.I actually lvl 84-85 doing archeology 🙂 so much easier to lvl up now then when I started to play wow.
From lvl 85-90 I leveled up as a tank and felt overpowered…took time to kill stuff but I hardly died .When I reach 90 I just bought the flying skill and started to lvl a monk.
Look further for more information about her (Chrizina)


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