This is me


Name:May-Renée Bradahl Heimlund

Born: 05.08.1976

Hello everyone I´m a young woman age 37 living in Norway.I´m married with the most awesome guy ever (Leif Ingar)and have been that since 22th may 1999.We have two beautifull daughters(Vilde-Sofie) born in april 98 and (Linn-Beate) born in may 2001).

I´m personal christian and if u like u can read about my story HERE how I become one.

I finally finished my two year as a student(Webmarketing)and (Webdesign) Have now only one  year left  before I´m finished.26th september I started my last year as Dynamic Web Development.(This year gonna be harder and  tougher.But also very interesting.My plan is to start my own webstore.So just crossing my fingers and hope the dream will come true

I also work in a bookstore each second saturday and  started in may/june 2013 as a distributor in a norwegian company called Eqology.(Click the link to go to the store and registrate yourself(english) and shop from my store.)
In my spare time I like to draw,paint(porclain,pictures,ceramic)and play the online game World of Warcraft


I have two motto

“Better Late then Never” 


“A Life without music is A Life without meaning”

When it comes to the last one I just love music and I feel that a day without music is kinda not the same as the day with

atm I listen to some different music example of this is Skillet,Pillar,Reinxeed,Golden Ressurection,Demon Hunter,Red,Dead by April,and HB but my favorite band is HIM I just love that band and specially Ville H Valo´s voice.People say that HIM have this really destructive sound that they are so emo and sad but strangly,when I listen to HIM I always get in a good mood even if Im sad and when I´m angry the music makes me calm.There is something with his voice that hypnotizes me.

My favorite artists when it comes to drawing are

& Victoria Frances

Last I wanna put up some  pages you can download pictures leagel. (only cc-licensed pictures is leagel. search therefore on advanced and check creative commos)