My Tiny Hobby

In my free time I like to draw and paint.

So I´m gonna put up some of my art on this side


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the text on the last picture says:
Dare to be honest, dare to be free.
Dare to feel what you do, say what you must say.
Perhaps those who hold mouth, are more scared than you?
Where everything is locked into position, someone gotta open way .
Dare to be vulnerable, no one is made of stone.
Dare to show where you stand, stand on your own feets.
Strong is the one who looks around and choose theyre own way.
Perhaps those who do you harm.are weakest anyway?
Time is too short to escape, use it while you can.
Some need everything you are and that you are true!

I tried to use the text stamp on the painting but some places the text didnt get on so after a while I was comming up with this brilliant idea napkins…So  stamped on them and used decoupage sadly I already made the frame with paste and painted it over so next time Im gonna do it the right way 🙂