click picture bellow or this link to go to battle.netMonzinaMonzina was the first charcter made on Emerald Dream after talking to a friend of my kids that had some problemes getting groups so the main reasons I made Monzina was to get a tank up fast so I could guide and help him tanking and he getting tank gear.But his account got hacked and he have had some issues with his account.And I found out that I wanted to get some other chars on Emerald Dream all horde so I made Emerald my main horde server and transfered my two 85´s from Khadgar as well.

My youngest daughter was the one giving me the idea of the name and all my characters on Emerald Dream have a male name with Zina last.

Monzina was just lvl up til 85 and parked there.

She will eventually get some more lvl and better gear but its not the first one I gonna priority.


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