Me and my WOW Life

Hey all and welcome to my little chest of wow stuff.

I first started to play wow in january 2006 after my husband had been playing it for almost 1month I was a bit afraid of it cause I could read on the cover it was a montly fee and my husband didnt know that when he bought it but I said atleast let us try it out to see if its so good as you have been told. He created a druid and as I said one month later I created my first character night elf hunter called Villkatta. I met a lot of people in this game and since Im a really social person I kinda got hooked on the game so after 2-3 months fighting over who should play when and such I bought myself a laptop and the game so 10.000,- poorer I had the game and started to make a druid also this time a night elf. The year past by and I was introduced to the horde side the side i thought was evil but after a while I felt more home there then on alliance so i created a bloodelf when TBC came out and I was hooked on horde. I went from alliance to horde but 6months later after the release of The Burning Crusader i was full time horde player. When Cataclysm came out I lvl my dk to 85 then I went over to alliance to lvl my druid and after that I have been full time alliance player.So back and forward I guess.

Atm Im playing on horde again to gear up and my plan is to try play one week on each fraction if its possible well its only one way to find that out right 🙂

For some the game is addicted and person have hard time to get rid of it, for me it is a way to be social and make new friends cause Im that kinda person that also wanna meet does I play with and upon the years I have met around 8-10 people sadly just two outside Norway but one day I guess i will be able to meeet some of my guildies ^^

so just enter my world and enjoy

Drevet av Oversett


Belive it or not…

I still have a life