Hysterical and fun

Not sure if everyone could understand my humor!


  • It was a Norwegian,Danish,Swedish,Germanian,Americaner,Frenchguy and the Pacistanien from far far away And the Russian and the foolish Spanishguy and the Swedish man from Portugal and Mr.Wong from Hong Kong and the fat man from Japan and the aunt to the guy that live in Switzerland and the other Danish and the Romanian cleaning woman and Stian they was going to fish…but then they no longer wanna go…
  • Two dicks walk into a bank screaming “Hands up!” Next minute a vibrator walks in and on one dick says to the other :”Oh fuck! It`s Robocock!!


(from a sixth former card 2006)

It was a boy dah..
that eeeeeh..
drive the tractor..
eeh and then eeh..
it tiped over..some
  • It was the dwarf that was gay….he come out of the chest of drawers…


Two guys meet on street:
-Hey, say the first
-Hello,say the other
A man was on a trip in the desert.
He rented a camel.
To make the camel walk he had to say”Puhh”
To run he had to say”Auch” and stop the word “Amen”.
When he started to ride it was getting such bumby.”Auch” said the man ,and the camel started to run fast towards a cliff.The man started to say his prayers fast as possible and ended with a load “Amen”
The camel stopped…
And the man said relieved “Puhh!”
  • Pippi Langstrømpe eats applepaste,thats why she have so nice horse and monkey…
  • It was the norwegian,swedish and the danish…they jumped|from a block of flats.The Norwegian jumped from third floor,the Swedishguy from second floor and the Danish from first floor….who came first on earth…………………..Adam and Eve


The doctor to his helper:
What did you give to the guy with that horrible cough?
-Are you insane?That don´t help at all!
-Don´t say that,Now he stand over there and cling to that lamp post and don´t dare to Cough.

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