Are you interested in horoscope?

(With reservation of dates the sun have its influence )
Pisces 19/2-20/3

Are you born in the sign Pisces?
Then you are in touch with real life,reasonable,kind,appraising and systematically.But you have also the tendency to be moody,unpredictable and feel a need for beeing a martyr.
You fit best with Cancer,Scorpion,Taurus and Capricorn.

Element; Wate

Aquarius 20/-18/2  

Are u born in the sign Aquarius?
Then you are very social,friendly,creativ,glowing and proud:But you can also be thoughtless,indir
ect and floating.
You match good together with Twins,Libra,Taurus and Saqittarius

Element; Air
Aries 21/3-19/4
Are you born in the sign Aries?
Then you are dynamic.have high decisionpower.big intiativ and motivation are honest and direct.But you also have a tendence of anger,aggresion,rudeness,unpatience,selfishness and rage.
You match good t
ogether with Lion, Sagittarius,Aquarius and Twins

Element; Fire
Taurus 20/4-20/5
Are u born in the sign Taurus?
If so, you are stabl
e reliable person,Passionatly partner, artistic, quiet and Concrete.But you have also tendency to be Claimable and stubborn, greedy and materialist.
You fit best toget
her with Virgo,Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces
Cancer 22/6-22/7 

Are you born in the sign Cancer?
If so you are ambitious and feel great accession, intuitive, sympathetic and feel great care .But you are also suspicious, manipulating and can be enclosed
You fit best together with Scorpio,Pisces,Virgo and Taurus

Element; Water

Gemini 21/5-21/6

Are you born in Gemini?
If so, you are fiery, philosophically, Intelligent, rational and efficient.But you can also be impatient restless and chatty, childish and unseriouse.You fit best together with Libra,Aquarius, Leo and Aries

Element; Air
Leo 23/7-23/8 
Are you born in the sign Leo?
If so ,you like to show yourself, original and open,loyal,self-confident and dynamic.
But you have also tend to be self-centered and dominant, almost dictatorial.
You fit best together with Sagittarius,Aries Libra and Gemnini.

Element; Fire
Virgo 23/8-22/9
Are you born in the sign Virgo?
If so, you organized/practical, analytical,considering soft and , deliberate, soft and lenient. But you are
also nervous, skeptical and not so tolerant .
You fit best together with Capricorn.Taurus,Scorpio and Cancer.

Element; Earth

Scorpio 23/10-21/11
Are you born in the sign Scorpio?
If so you have emotional depth is secure and tangible, You have a great idealism struggle after higher levels.
But you also have a tendency to fanaticism, selfwrecking, occult thoughts, jealousy and thought of revange,torturing and obsessives.
You fit best together with Picses,Virgo and Capricorn.

Element; Water

Libra 22/10-23/9
Are you born in the sign of Libra ?
If so you are friendly, polite, compromise-creativity , has charm, elegance, diplomacy, equilibrium and peacefulness.But you also have a tendency to   weakness in action, dishonesty, flattery and coquetry.
you fit best together with Aquarius.Gemini.Sagittarius and Leo.

Element; Air

Sagittarius 22/11-21/12

Are you born in the sign of Sagittarius?
If so you have a great insight, are lively and wanna learn have humor, Enthusiasm, optimism, tolerance and have a good ability to put things in order . But you also have a tendency to mental hubris, impatience and bluster.
You fit best
together with Aries,Leo,Aquarius and Libra.

Element; Fire
Capricorn 22/12-19/1
Are you born in the sign Capricorn?
If so you are ambitious, shaping, affectionate , industrious
and goal-orientated.
But you can also have a little bit lack of spontanitet and sensitivity, And be stubborn, condemned and controlling.
You fit best together with Taurus,Virgo,Aries and Sagittarius

Element; Earth
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