click picture bellow or this link to go to battle.netAlvilde

Alvilde was a firemage level 80 She growed up in The Dark Legion

The best guild to grow up in
Nice people Nice event and lots of fun
But the day Morja left for MEAN something bad happen
she felt lost and helpless so she left The Dark Legion too
There she could be with her old friend Wred and her “sister” Morja
She is married to the best guy ever
an old guildmember from The Dark Legion
Thepal that also joined Mean after a while

Time past by and she suddenly left Mean after talking to the guys there to join her dk “sister” in a guild with some rl friends

But she went back to MEAN once again  😉

When cataclysm released she became a frostmage from lvl 82 and up to 85 and she have duelspec frost/fire  and is a pvp biiiatch lvl 85
(January 21-2012) I played some on her to get some better gear and after all the pve gear was updated I converted all my justice point into honor points so I  started to upgrade my pvp gear as well 🙂 picture of her in pvp gear below.still need some upgrades but since Mist came out I havent been doing any pvp so even when I think she is really hot in her pvp gear  (cloak and shoulders are transmoged).She not gonna be pvping in a while. She is now some bars up in lvl 85,I just waited for the new patch to come since I heard it would be easier to lvl up 85´s so maybe she will get to 90 faster then expected since the patch just came out 🙂
She is now Arcane/Fire specced since fire and frost was a really pain in the ass to lvl up with after Mist came out
(Alvilde have now started a new life on Emerald Dream
I also transfered her over and Thepal came together as well)