New year is upon us and watching the video I´m gonna post give me that feeling i had when I was at their concert last year ..the light show and what shall I say just watching the video made me feel like I was there again so here is


I have a huge problem cause for February I really wanna post a song of Demon Hunter but I already done it but I really love this song so I cant help myself for February this year you will get a song you have heard already if u have watched my site before I promise  to give you a new song for March so don´t give me up right now but give me a new chance next month

So here we go

posting an acoustic version of the song


lately I have been listening to several songs but there is still that song of demon Hunter that I really love so instead of the same song once again Im gonna post another Demon Hunter song 🙂


Hope its just me that the sound is skipped some places cause I have to much fan up 🙂 This song is one of the best Bon Jovi song ever.Hard to find the best cause not is he only a sexy singer but he also have the voice 🙂


Better late then never 2 videos gonna be posted here

cause Linn-Beate have birthday in May and this is a really good song

and the second one for Vilde -Sofie that had birthday in April and didnt get any video but got confirmation this month so here she got a video too


I have waited all may to post this video 🙂 I just love it 🙂


I came over this song on spotify the other day and strangly when I came on work today I saw we had that in our store too.I was suppose to post another song this month but I kinda like this so here it is


comes really late and from nowhere a friend from wow linked this song to me on fb in my inbox and I found out what song is gonna be august one 🙂 and I also know what gonna be the september one 🙂


sorry about the waiting time I totally forgot I didnt post the song so here it comes 🙂

omg I didnt know they was swedish I just noticed today and I have no idea how long time I have been fans of them Im so embarrassed right now 🙂 this song was in the swedish melodyfestival and thats the reason I finally figured out they wasnt americans lol.Sorry neighbours /hugs from Norway ❤ THIS SONG


brain is out of function will dive into it later today and post a video 🙂